Baptist Fellowship Center Brief

The Baptist Fellowship Center is the oldest Baptist outreach ministry in the Louisville area, founded in 1914 as a joint effort between the Louisville Regional Baptist Association and the Central District Baptist Association.  Since it's inception the BFC has worked to fulfill three main goals:
  1. to reach people for Christ,
  2. to meet the needs of the community, and
  3. to strengthen the local church. 
The initiatives of the BFC are designed to achieve its vision, meet and exceed its goals by implementing ministries that actualize our objectives in the lives of the people and churches we serve. 


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Baptist Fellowship Center's Objectives:

  • To be an incarnational witness of Christ’s Love through ministry evangelism.

  • To offer missions opportunities that strengthen believer’s relationship with God and humanity

  • To identify and provide Christ-centered solutions to social, economic and political problems

  • To strengthen all aspects of the family.

  • To bring help, hope and healing to the lives of the greater Louisville community

  • To strengthen and support the local church

  • To model Christ-like servant-leadership that will inspire all in the community to participate

  • To promote racial reconciliation through cooperative ministries